the team
  • Lisa Beley - Performer *
  • Lisa Bunting - Performer *
  • Cheryl Mullen - Performer *
  • Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, Jacci Collins, Curtis Mathewson - Choreography
  • David McMurray-Smith - Clown Instructor
  • Eduardo Meneses - Lighting Design
  • Deborah DeMille and Kari Nakken - Costume and Prop Design
  • Ted Hamilton and Maia Iotzova – Audio and Visual Design
  • Grahame Ockley - Production Manager
  • Sharon Heath - Stage Management *
  • Kyla Gardiner - Technical Director
  • Cindy Johnson - Scenic Painter
  • Emily McTavish – Assistant Director
  • David Drew – Set Construction
  • Janet Baxter - Photographer
  • Rebecca Coleman - Publicist
  • Vince Yim - Webmaster
  • Richard Strachan and Andree Karr – JAC Coordinators

* appears with the permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association

BC Gaming Commission
We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia.
Go Figure
special thanks

These people gave their time, their inspiration, their critical thinking, their courage, their patience and their belief, graciously. Thank you very much.

Laurel Allard
Janet Baxter
Toby Berner
Simon Bradbury
Renee Bucciarelli
Jacci Collins
Lisa Dahling
Deborah DeMille
Joshua Drew
Logan Drew
Teaka Drew
Beverley Elliott
Connie Hardie
Sandra Head
Ken Heath
Maia Iotzova
Kate Lancaster
David Mann
The MacLean/McTavishes
Richard Newman
Marilyn Norry
Phillips Mix Alumni
Playwrights Theatre Centre
Royce Rourke
Everybody at Shadbolt
Barb Tomasic
Colleen Winton

Thanks to our Board of Directors for their continued support:
Phaedra Burke
David Drew
Mona Lochan
Dana McLaughlin
Filio Scott
Anne-Marie Sleeman

And a special and deeply felt thank you to David Drew, Lucia Frangione, Ted Hamilton, Ronaye Haynes and Joan MacLean.

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