2009's forum: “Where Did I Spend It All?”

The Full Figure Forum on Women and Their Money

This year's 7th annual forum will be on women's gut relationship with cash. How we feel about earning, assets, wealth, poverty, needs, wants, laundry. The changing world affects women's relationship with money. Women's relationship with money affects the changing world. We want to talk about it...and share some excellent tips!

Panelists include:

Co-sponsored by the Vancouver Public Library and Full Figure Theatre

Wednesday, May 6, 7pm
Venue: Alma Van Dusen and Peter Kaye Room
Vancouver Central Library
350 West Georgia
Admission is free. Seating is limited

Full Figure Theatre has hosted many fabulous forums in the past -

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  • Balance is for Chequebooks: A Full Figure Forum on the Good Life (2007)
  • How Does She Do It: Does Success Mean Never Having to Say You’re Happy? (2005)
  • Creative and Lucrative: How to be an Artist and Still Maintain a Bank Account (2004)
  • The Old Girls’ Club: How To Find and Be a Mentor (2003)
  • Do I Have the Right Cup Size and How Do I Fit In? (2002)

For more information, contact Sharon Heath: sharonheath@shaw.ca