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Company History

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Since Full Figure Theatre’s inception in 1992, we have produced and created several internationally acclaimed and award winning shows. They include: too blonde, way too blonde, the “f” word, Wumpa, Help Wanted, Around the Bend, More! More! More! and The Big Map. From 1993–1997, Full Figure Theatre toured extensively, performing our shows at community events and festivals with great box office success.


A workshop version of The Kitchen Sink Musical will premiere in Vancouver.

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The Big Map is workshopped with high-school students and is ready for touring to Lower Mainland libraries and BC high schools in the summer and fall of 2006.

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the ‘f’ word was updated once more by Tammy Bentz and Sharon Heath, along with the master hands of Micki Maunsell as Dramaturg/Director. It was then performed at The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.

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Full Figure Theatre re-wrote and produced the ‘f’ word at The Haven on Gabriola Island.

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Full Figure Theatre began producing the annual busTin’ ouT fesTival. The festival ran for the next three years as a celebration of International Women’s Day and as a venue to raise awareness for breast cancer research.

The busTin ouT Soiree Cabaret provided a showcase for both emerging and experienced artists, and was hosted by a variety of talented performers like, Ellie Harvey and Christine Lippa.

busTin ouT included a forum to encourage and expand community involvement in the arts and Full Figure Theatre’s own involvement in the community.

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way too blonde toured in Whistler, starring Sharon Heath and Courtenay Dobbie.

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Full Figure Theatre presented The Big Map as part of the celebration for Vancouver Public Library’s 5 th birthday in its new building. The Big Map also toured for two weeks to other Lower Mainland libraries and was performed at Word on the Street and The Vancouver Fringe Festival.

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Tammy Bentz , Carolyn Bentley, and Micki Maunsel wrote, produced and performed in Around the Bend. Sharon Heath, Faith Moosang, Steven Hill, Chris McGregor, and Lois Anderson began writing and producing The Big Map: A History of Early British Columbia. Jacqueline Dandeneau worked with David Ferney and toured Help Wanted around the Gulf Islands.

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As well as continuing the tradition of collaboratively writing shows, the co-artistic directors of Full Figure Theatre began developing individual projects with different artists.

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