The “f” word
… or Can Feminism be Funny?

Tammy Bentz, Sharon Heath, Courtenay Dobbie

Written by:
Susan Bain, Tammy Bentz, Jacqueline Dandeneau, Laura Drummond and Sharon Heath

Directed by:
Micki Maunsell

The “f” word is a light-hearted exploration into the dogmas that perpetuate the feminist myth. Each performer represents a well-worn stereotype, set up with sincere self-effacement: a guerilla feminist, a corporate yuppie, and a tie-dyed hippie.

The women all live in the same apartment building and meet one day on the rooftop. Each has a different but equally valid view on “the f(eminism) word.” Women’s roles and relationships in society are discussed and developed into insightful questions of self and society.


  • Award of Excellence, The Adelaide Fringe Festival, 1996
  • The Best o' the Fest, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 1996


"Consistently amused"

— The Georgia Straight

“Fresh, innovative performers.”

— The Vancouver Sun,
Vancouver, Canada

“FIVE STAR FEMINISM. With fast-paced witty dialogue … Full Figure Theatre’s brand of humour is accessible to all.”

The Winnipeg Sun,
Winnipeg, Canada

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Susan Bain, Jacqueline Dandeneau, and Tammy Bentz in the "f" word
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