way too blonde

Written by and starring:
Tammy Bentz, Jacqueline Dandeneau, Sharon Heath


In way too blonde, the Full Figure trio satirizes female stereotypes in the media. Three make-up- and men-obsessed bimbos involve the audience in an unruly dating game show called “Groveling for a Groom,” a sexual harassment trial, a haircut, Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Why Don’t You” column, and a day in the life of the heroines: Anne, Tammi, and Marcia.


  • The Advertiser Fringe Award for Excellence, The Adelaide Fringe Festival, 1996
  • The Best o’ the Fest, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 1996
  • Fringe 96, Critic’s Choice


“If you think feminists lack a sense of humour, Full Figure Theatre will change your mind.”

—The Vancouver Sun,
Vancouver, Canada

“[way too blonde] is snappy, funny and incisive... with a rapid fire of sketch, song and biting burlesque... colorful, punchy and deliciously vicious satirical skills.”

—Time Out,
London, England.

“… a clever satire on female stereotypes in the media. Cleverly written and extremely well performed by the trio.”

—The Adelaide Advertiser,
Adelaide, Australia

“… gritty, intelligent, rapid-fire comedy about the pitfalls of womanhood. It is much, much better than TV.”

The Sudbury Sun,
Sudbury, Canada

“...Full Figure Theatre cruises the traumas of being a woman with the ease of a quick flick through Cosmo...way too blonde is ideal for those struggling through a bad hair day.”

The Scotsman,
Edinburgh, Scotland

CW from top: Tammy Bentz, Sharon Heath, and Jacqueline Dandeneau in way too blonde.
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