Wumpa…an adventure

Written by and starring:
Tammy Bentz, Jacqueline Dandeneau, Sharon Heath

Tammy Bentz, Jacqueline Dandeneau, Sharon Heath, Micki Maunsell, Rudi Galindo

Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, David Ferney, Rudi Galindo


The trio tells the story of Tessie, a kind of everywoman, and draws parallels between her misadventures in a nightmarish circus and the lives of ordinary women. Tessie, the child of a bearded lady and a midget, was born into the circus. She realizes that having a beautiful smile is not enough in a world inhabited by sexist clowns and inept circus bureaucrats. Tessie must overcome self-doubt and external pressures to discover her own strengths and become a Wumpa Woman.


“A beautifully crafted, innovatively staged work.”

The Advertiser,
Adelaide, Australia

“… the beauty of this witty ensemble piece of mime, aerobics, modern dance and song is that it finds a novel, intelligent vehicle for (its) message..”

The Edmonton Journal,
Edmonton, Canada

“The storytelling here is infectiously joyous.”

The Georgia Straight,
Vancouver, Canada

“The three performers, fearless and deliciously versatile women, create a crowd of characters from strutting ringmaster to simpering official, hapless victim and oafish clowns… The show is a jolly romp which draws foot-stomping approbation from its audiences.”

The Advertiser,
Adelaide, Australia

“Wumpa… an adventure in high-energy storytelling—a fable-style narrative enlivened by singing, acrobatics, and comedy. No lions or elephants, but there is a horse. A fun and polished show.”

The Fringe,
Vancouver, Canada

L-R: Tammy Bentz, Jacqueline Dandeneau and Sharon Heath in Wumpa
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